Join Us to Kick Off the Final Design of Main Street in Downtown Bridgton
Bridgton Community Center on Depot Street

The Bridgton Downtown Main Street Final Design process is starting now! HEB Engineering and Ironwood Design Group will collaborate with the Town on this important project.

The first public meeting is scheduled for December 6. At this time the consultant team and Town will:
• Outline events over the past year
• Review the Town’s project vision statement
• Review the 2016 conceptual design process and outcome
• Describe the final design public outreach plan and project schedule

There are other ways to get involved and learn more if you cannot attend this initial meeting:
• Information meeting
• Online survey
• Cable TV program
• Public presentation of refined design

Watch the Town of Bridgton Facebook page, website, and the BridgtonMainStreet Word Press website for future notifications.



Cyclists & Pedestrians at Pondicherry Square

Rick Harbison of Greater Portland Council of Governments is helping us with the Main Street Improvement project! He put together a short video compilation that highlights how cyclists and pedestrians are crossing the Main St/Route 302 intersection in Bridgton. The video clips are from the MioVision units that were set up by MaineDOT in August, but there are also a few clips from a short drone flight he did a few weeks later. Great stuff!

Ironwood Team Presents Concepts at Select Board Meeting

“A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement.”

The Ironwood team presented its updated conceptual designs for Bridgton Main Street at last night’s Select Board meeting.

This was the sixth public outreach event for the Main Street Streetscape Improvement project.

The Ironwood Team is currently considering all the feedback it received from Bridgton Town staff, Select Board members, and residents, and will synthesize the information for its creation of final conceptual designs.


Below is a link to the draft conceptual plan document for the project area, showing the round about alternative at Pondicherry Square.

160602-Concept Plan Roll Plan



Bridgton Main Street Office Hours a Success

Thanks to all the folks who came out to the Bridgton Main Street streetscape improvement project open office hours on May 9.

The Ironwood team presented two conceptual plans, which facilitated productive discussions with office hours participants.

The next Bridgton Main Street streetscape improvement project meeting is scheduled for Tuesday May 24 when the Ironwood design team will present updated draft conceptual plans to the Select Board.

See you then.

Roundabouts-Concept PlanMiddle Village-Concep Plan



Office Hours: Monday May 9th 8:30-12

We are looking forward to a good turn out Monday morning at the Town Offices!

Since the Community Visioning Workshop we have been analyzing community feedback and brainstorming ways of bringing your great ideas closer to reality. We are now in the conceptual design phase of the project and would like your input. We will have plan vignettes, sketches, sections, and precedent images available on Monday for review and discussion.

Please come in and share your thoughts.


Please Vote for a Vision Statement

Thanks to all the participants of the Bridgton Main Street Visioning Meeting!

The folks in attendance really performed for the design team!

Part of the meeting was dedicated to drafting vision statements for Main Street that would inspire both the design team and town residents as they collaborated to develop a conceptual design for the project area.

Draft Vision Statements

A. Bridgton Main Street is the soul of Maine’s lakes region.

B. Bridgton Main Street is the cultural heart of the lakes region—an inviting place to relax and have fun.

C. Bridgton Main Street welcomes you to its specialty shopping, dining, entertainment, and recreation in the best New England tradition.

D. Bridgton Main Street, a destination town for specialty shopping, dining, entertainment, and recreation.

E. Bridgton Main Street—share its special character.

Do you have a favorite? What are your thoughts on the topic?

Take the poll!



Walking Tour/Place Audit-Final Tabulated Results

Thanks again to all the residents who participated in the Main Street walking tour/place audit back on Saturday March 19. In addition to taking the tour, a number of residents completed the survey, quantifying location scores according to 5 different variables: access and linkages, uses and activities, comfort and image, sociability, and safety.

During the April 9 visioning session, participants expressed enthusiasm for those data, so the Ironwood team wanted to provide them for close examination and reflection.

As you review the results, recall that a score of 1  means disagree, while a score means agree. The number of respondents was 12.

Click on the link:

Place Audit Survey Results April 22 2016

See you at our next Bridgton Main Street event!